Jan 27

QSL: Valentia Coast Guard Radio, Valentia Island, Republic of Ireland

Valentia Coast Guard Radio
Valentia Island, Republic of Ireland
2187.5 kHz

Friendly full data QSL letter received in 12 days for English report, souvenir Tennessee postcard, return postage, address label and envelope, v/s John Draper, Divisional Controller. Report sent to:

Valentia Coast Guard Radio
Irish Coast Guard
Valentia Island
Republic of Ireland

I can’t help but compare this reply to last Saturday’s reply from Lyngby Radio, Denmark. Lyngby Radio returned their postcard…

Jan 25

Non-QSL reply from Lyngby Radio, Denmark

LyngbyI promptly received this unfortunate and unsigned reply from coastal station Lyngby Radio, Denmark in 9 days for a report mailed to:

Lyngby Radio
Bagsvaerd Mollevej 3
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

They used the mint stamps and address label that I supplied, and returned my report, souvenir postcard and blank envelope. Lyngby Radio is unfortunately no longer friendly to DXers, but at least had the courtesy to respond rather than ignoring my correspondence.

Jan 20

QSL: Florø Radio/LGL, Florø, Norway

Floroe Radio
Florø Radio eQSL
Florø, Norway
2,187.5 kHz

Full-data eQSL received in 19 days after sending an e-mail to floro.radio[at]telenor.com. A week after sending my original report, I obtained a few units of mint Norway postage stamps and submitted an airmail report. Perhaps I will receive an airmail response also?