Jul 10

770-WABC New York transmitter issues?

I am not sure if this is already well know, but it appears that WABC 770 kHz in New York is experiencing some transmitter issues as viewed on this overnight spectrum waterfall capture of 770 kHz (50 Hz bandwidth) over the evening of July 7/8 2014:

770khz_Jul7-8(Click for larger image)

While monitoring their signal, there is a distinctive audible ‘crack’ sound heard each time the carrier makes the jump.

Jun 09

Logs: Museum Ships Weekend 2014

I was able to log 30 stations during the MUSEUM SHIPS WEEKEND 2014 from 0000Z June 7 through 2359Z June 8, 2014:

AC0TX – SS High Flyer Memorial, Texas City, TX
K1USN – Watson Museum, Braintree, MA
K8V – SS Valley Camp, Sault St. Marie, MI
KC8JMS – SS Col. James M Schoonmaker, Toledo, OH
KS8B – SS City of Milwaukee, Manistee, MI
N1S – USS Nautlis, Groton, CT
N2HTL – USS The Sullivans, Buffalo, NY
N4WIS – USS Wisconsin, Norfolk, VA
N5E – Tall Ship Elissa, Galveston Island, TX
NB1CR – USS Joseph P Kennedy, Jr, Fall River, MA
NB9QV – USS Cobia, Manitowoc, WI
NE6JP – USS Potomac, Oakland, CA
NI4BK – USS North Carolina, Wilmington, NC
NI6BB – USS Iowa, San Pedro, CA
NI6IW – USS Midway, San Diego, CA
NJ2BB – USS New Jersey, Camden, NJ
NR4DL – USCG Ingham, Key West, FL
NS6OI – Star of India, San Diego, CA
SL8SUB – HMUb Nordkaparen, Gothenburg, Sweden
VA2GNQ – HMCS Onondaga, Pointe-au-Père, QC
VE3RCN – HMCS Haida, Hamilton, ON
W4BPR – USS Alabama, Mobile, AL
W5KID – USS Kidd, Baton Rouge, LA
W6MSO – USS Lucid, Stockton, CA
W6RO – RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
WA4SUN – USS Yorktown, Charleston, SC
WW2IND – USS Indianapolis CA-35. Indianapolis, IN
WW2LST – USS LST-325, Evansville, IN
WW2OK – USS Oklahoma Mast Memorial, Muskogee, OK
WW2SUB – USS Batfish, Muskogee, OK

May 23

Log: All India Radio DRM, Bangalore, India

Last evening I had the best reception of AIR GOS DRM transmission to date. Well known Indian DXer Alokesh Gupta requested an audio sample from that reception for AIR. Here is a clip from 2357 UT.

General Overseas Service – All India Radio
DRM Broadcast – 13,605 kHz
21 May 2014, 2357 UT

May 11

Logs: May 10, 2014 Armed Forces Day Crossband Military/Amateur Radio Communications Tests

My logs from the AFD Crossband event:

AAC, Barrow Army Reserve Training Center, Lexington, KY, 7,360 USB
AAZ, Fort Huachuca, AZ, 14,512.5 USB
ADB, Camp Foster, Okinawa, 20,994 USB
AGA2SY, Hancock Field Air National Guard, Syracuse, NY, 13,993 USB
AGA4AR, Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee, 7,457 USB
AGA5SC, Scott Air Force Base, IL, 7,545 USB
NBL, NAVMARCORMARS, Groton, CT, 14,391.5 USB
NMC1, USCG Island, Alameda, CA, 15,740.5 USB
NNN0CQQ, USS Midway Museum Ship, San Diego, CA, 14,463.5 USB
NPD, NAVMARCORMARS, Millington, TN, 7,476.5 LSB
NWKJ, USS Yorktown, Hollywood, SC, 14,467 USB
NWVC, USS LST-325, Evansville, IN, 7,438 LSB
WAR, Pentagon, Washington, DC, 14,663.5 USB
WUG-23, US Army Corp of Engineers, Wynne, AR, 7,421 USB