Airspy HF+ Discovery – x3
Elad FDM-S2
KiwiSDR – Not currently online
Microtelecom Perseus dedicated to Jaguar Pro
RFSpace NetSDR-01 locked to a Bodnar GPS disciplined oscillator
RFSpace SDR-IQ – dedicated 10 meter beacon CW Skimmer
RFSpace SDR-14 – running Nick Hall-Patch’s DX Fishbarrel app
SDRplay RSP2pro
WinRadio G33DDC Excalibur Pro

Icom IC-705 – HF-70cm 10W QRP
Icom IC-7200 – HF-6m
Icom IC-7300 – HF-6m
Icom IC-9700 – 6m-23cm locked to a Bodnar Mini GPS disciplined oscillator via a Bodnar ICOM IC-9700 Reference Injection Board

Bushcomm BBA-100DXE Multi-Wire Broadband Dipole – 2-30 mHz 250w PEP at 80′