Apr 08

QSL: Rádio Educação Rural de Tefé, Tefé, Amazonas, Brazil

Rádio Educação Rural de Tefé
Tefé, Amazonas, Brazil
4925 kHz, 5 kw


Full-data Certificado de Recepção and postcard in 117 days after follow-up report for a January 2018 reception. Portuguese language report, postcard and mint stamps (used) sent, v/s Thomas Schwamborn, Diretor Administrativo.

Rádio Educação Rural de Tefé
Praça Santa Tereza, 283
Tefé – AM

Feb 11

QSL: Rádio Congonhas, Congonhas, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Rádio Congonhas, Congonhas
Congonhas, Minas Gerais, Brazil
4,775 kHz



Partial-data letter, calendar and card in 62 days after follow-up report for original January 2018 report. Portuguese report and postcard with mint stamps, envelope and address label (all used), v/s unreadable.

Rádio Congonhas
Caixa Postal 05
Congonhas – MG

Jul 02

QSL: Rádio Evangelizar, Curitiba, Párana, Brazil

Rádio Evangelizar
Curitiba, Párana, Brazil
9,725 kHz

Freq-only (incorrect) letter in 18 weeks for Portuguese language report, post card, envelope and mint stamps. Letter appears to be copy of a reply to DXer Patick in Ireland, with A/C: Brandon Jordan at the top, v/s Elaine Zilli.

Rádio Evangelizar
Praça Senador Correia, 55
Curitaba – PR

Apr 25

QSL: Rogaland Radio, Sola, Norway

Rogaland Radio
Sola, Norway
2,187.5 kHz – 1 kw

Transmitter details:

Detailed letter on changes at Telenor:
Full-data QSL letter on card stock, additional personal letter and MF channel plan for Telenor, Norway including new 2018 plan. Received in 72 days foe English language report, mint stamps, address label and souvenir postcard, v.s Stian B. Tveit.

Telenor Maritim Radio
Flyplassvegen 190
4050 Sola