Mar 26

QSL: IW4EIR/B, Fidenza, Italy

IW4EIR1a IW4EIR1bQSL Folder #1:
QSl Folder #2:
Postal Souvenir Sheet:
IW4EIRsheetAn amazing QSL package from the new Italian beacon IW4EIR, including two very nice Special Event folder QSLs commemorating famed Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi plus an Italian postal souvenir sheet commemorating Italian opera composers. Italian beacon operators are to be commended, they send some of the most elaborate QSLs that I have ever received. IW4EIR/B is the 11’th Italian 10 meter beacon that I have received, and the 10’th Italian 10 meter beacon that I have QSL’d. With a 91% response rate, Italian beacon operators are also among the most generous. Grazie Nando!