Jun 16

QSL: Fundy Coast Guard Radio/VAR, Chebogue, Nova Scotia, Canada

Fundy Coast Guard Radio/VAR NAVTEX QSL
Chebogue, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
518 kHz
1 kW


Full-data card in 175 days for English language report, SASE and souvenir postcard, v/s Robert N. Ward, Acting Officer-in-Charge.

Mailing address:

Saint John MCTS
Canadian Coast Guard Base
P.O. Box 700
Saint John, NB E2L 4B3

Mar 21

QSL: Canadian Coast Guard Station – MCTS Sydney/VCO, Port Caledonia, Nova Scotia, Canada

Canadian Coast Guard Station – MCTS Sydney/VCO QSL
Port Caledonia, Nova Scotia, Canada
518 kHz

Full-data QSL card and detailed letter in 87 days for English language report, souvenir postcard, mint stamps, address label and envelope, v/s Heather Ozon, Officer-in-Charge.

Mailing Address:

1190 Westmount Road
Sydney, N.S.
B1R 2J6

Jan 28

QSL: VCG, Riviere-au-Renard, Quebec, Canada

VCG, Riviere-au-Renard, Quebec, Canada
518 kHz (NAVTEX)

Friendly no-data verification letter in 35 days for English language report and SASE, v/s Alain Poirier, Officer in Charge. Report sent to address gleaned from navtexQSLaddresses.pdf:

Officer in Charge
MCTS Operations
Rivière Au Renard MCTS Center
11 Rue de la Base
P.O. Box 100
Rivière Au Renard, QC
Canada G4X 1S0

Return address on envelope, note different zip code:

Garde Côtière Canadienne
Services de Communications et Trafic Maritimes
11, rue de la Base
Rivière-au-Renard, QC G4X 5A5