Jul 10

770-WABC New York transmitter issues?

I am not sure if this is already well know, but it appears that WABC 770 kHz in New York is experiencing some transmitter issues as viewed on this overnight spectrum waterfall capture of 770 kHz (50 Hz bandwidth) over the evening of July 7/8 2014:

770khz_Jul7-8(Click for larger image)

While monitoring their signal, there is a distinctive audible ‘crack’ sound heard each time the carrier makes the jump.

Jun 16

QSL: Fundy Coast Guard Radio/VAR, Chebogue, Nova Scotia, Canada

Fundy Coast Guard Radio/VAR NAVTEX QSL
Chebogue, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
518 kHz
1 kW


Full-data card in 175 days for English language report, SASE and souvenir postcard, v/s Robert N. Ward, Acting Officer-in-Charge.

Mailing address:

Saint John MCTS
Canadian Coast Guard Base
P.O. Box 700
Saint John, NB E2L 4B3

Apr 21

QSL: Reykjavík Radio/TFA, Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavík Radio/TFA QSL
Reykjavík, Iceland
2187.5 kHz


Full-data QSL card in 18 days for English language report, souvenir postcard, mint stamps, address label and envelope, v/s unreadable, Station Manager. This was for my third report, the previous two returned due to incorrect address.

Mailing Address:
Iceland Telecom Ltd,
Gufunes Telecommunications Centre
Sóleyjarimi 6
IS0112 Reykjavik