Feb 17

Shack update: WinRadio Excalibur Pro G33DDC

The newest addition to the shack is a WinRadio Excalibur Pro G33DDC which only arrived last Saturday! I am still becoming acquainted with the receiver, but am extremely pleased with it so far. My current crop of laptops struggle with it when recording a 4 mHz bandwidth, so I am also working through a long needed PC upgrade.

The awesome WinRadio G313e receiver is at the WinRadio repair facility and should be back within the next week or so. I was very pleased to discover the Hand Off feature of the WinRadio Excalibur Pro:

Hand-Off Receiver
The Excalibur Pro receiver software includes a useful function which allows users to utilize a WiNRADiO G313 receiver as a hand-off or recording receiver. The WiNRADiO G313 receiver is a high-performance software defined narrow-band receiver with superior quality crystal filters and a significant reserve in sensitivity, and so able to provide a better signal-to-noise ratio than the Excalibur Pro on very weak signals.


When the G313 receiver is connected, selecting the Hand off receiver option under the Options top menu bar allows the Excalibur Pro to pass the tuned frequency, mode and bandwidth information directly to the G313 receiver. For the G313 receiver to become available to the Excalibur Pro, it must be fully connected, and the G313 application software running.

This feature may be useful if a frequency of interest is found and you wish to record or monitor it, and then tune the Excalibur Pro to a frequency outside the currently selected DDC band.

I am very likely one of a very few Excalibur Pro users who also happens to own a G313 receiver. I am looking forward to receiving the G313e back from the shop! More comments later.

Also, I am a bit over a week behind posting new QSL verifications. I will do my best to get caught up this week.


Feb 11

QSL: Florø Radio/LGL, Florø, Norway

Floroe Radio
Florø Radio/LGL QSL
Florø, Norway
2,187.5 kHz

Full data paper QSL in 27 days for English language report, mint stamps, souviner postcard, address label and envelope. I had previously received a eQSL from the station for a report to floro.radio[at]telenor.com. V/s Olav Charles Havdal, QSL Manager.


Telenor Telecom Solutions AS
Floroe Radio
Postboks 54
6901 Floro

Feb 10

QSL: RCC Haifa, Haifa, Israel

Haifa, Israel
2187.5 kHz

Full data letter in 25 days for English language report, mint stamps, souvenir postcard, envelope and address label. V/s Chaim Zur


RCC Haifa
Administration of Shipping & Ports
Ministry of Transport
P.O. Box 806
Haifa 31007


Feb 10

QSL: Humber Coastguard, Bridlington, Yorkshire, UK

Humber Coastgard QSL
Bridlington, Yorkshite, UK
2187.5 kHz


Full data paper QSL, personal letter, History of HM Coastguard booklet in 14 days for English language report, mint stamps, souvenir postcard, envelope and address label. V/s Clive M Stephenson, Coastguard Watch Assistant

MRCC Humber
HM Coastguard
Limekiln Lane
YO15 2LX
United Kingdom

Feb 07

QSL: Belfast Coastguard via Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, UK

Belfast CG
Belfast Coastguard
Isle of Lewis, Scotland, UK
2187.5 kHz

Belfast’s MF DSC at Tiree Island was unserviceable so the the DSC call was answered by MRCC Stornoway transmitter at Butt of Lewis. They station mentions that their TX/RX facility is not located in Northen Ireland but rather on Tiree Island in western Scotland.

Date/time QSL letter in 22 days for English language report, souvenir Tennessee postcard, mint stamps, envelope and address label. v/s Dave Eakin, Watch Officer.


HM Coastguard
MRCC Belfast
Bregenz House
Quay Street
BT20 5ED
Northen Ireland